Edu-Versity: your partner in meaningful coaching around digital assets

Edu-Versity is an innovative learning hub dedicated to inspiring and motivating teachers to use technology in creative and meaningful ways. In this way, we train teachers to take students with 21st-century skills and prepare them for the future. Our approach is sustainable and integrated, with a strong emphasis on collaboration with teachers. The courses focus on the use of Microsoft technologies. Here, we look for the best tools and solutions for your situation and purpose. Our coaching is adapted to the needs of the school. In addition, we always work with an intake interview to evaluate the current situation and map out a path together with the school.

Pedagogical Pathways: beyond the buttons

At Edu-Versity, we believe that technology is more than a collection of buttons and functions. Technology is a powerful tool to enhance and renew your education. That is why, in addition to an extensive catalogue of training courses, we also offer you educational pathways. In doing so, we explore the possibilities and added value of those technologies together with you. These pathways focus on important themes such as: Daarbij verkennen we samen met jou de mogelijkheden en meerwaarde van die technologieën. Deze trajecten richten zich op belangrijke thema’s zoals:
  • inspire students to innovate with technology
  • transform existing teaching methods with digital techniques
  • differentiate using technology
  • inclusive and customised teaching
  • discover your own strengths and apply them in your teaching practice
Persoon creatief gebruiken apps - Utilisation créative des applications par les personnes - Person creative use apps

In doing so, we always explore the significance of using digital resources. Together, we explore the pedagogical added value they can bring to the learning process, motivation and engagement of pupils. We help you adopt a critical and reflective attitude towards technology. This way, you learn to use it as a tool and not as an end in itself.

Sustainable Coaching: building long-term impact

A sustainable trajectory starts with establishing the current situation and expectations. The intake interview is the first step of our coaching process where we engage in conversation to establish the starting situation and the desired end goal. There, together with you, we draw up a plan based on your situation and needs. After all, every school and every lesson is unique. Sustainable coaching means that we opt not to always work with one-off sessions. That is why we offer a coaching process that runs over several months. This ensures better anchoring of the acquired knowledge. It also allows us to work with experience rather than just theory. Our coaching does not stop after the trajectory, we also provide access to materials after your session(s).

EDU-Versity Community: a network of passionate teachers

Een opleiding om samen te leren met coaching - Une formation pour apprendre en même temps que le coaching - A training to learn together with coaching

The EDU-Versity Community should become a network of engaged teachers who use technology in creative and meaningful ways. A community where teachers can experience connectedness and share experiences even after training.
Therefore, we envisage an online environment where teachers can engage with each other, share ideas, ask questions, give and receive feedback, and learn together. By joining the EDU-Versity Community, you become a member of a growing group of innovative and motivated teachers A community striving together to improve education for the 21st century.

Customised tooling: the right technology for your purpose

Every school, every class and every student is different, we are aware of that. That is why we do not offer standard tooling courses, but customised tooling. We help you choose and use the right technology for your purpose, whether to enrich, differentiate or personalise your lessons.
We teach you how to best use Microsoft technologies in your classroom, such as MS Teams, OneNote, PowerPoint and other applications. But we always do this within the framework of creative teaching methods, aligned with 21st century skills and competences.
Our customised tooling is not a one-way street, but a dialogue. That is why we listen to your wishes, questions and feedback, and adapt our courses based on your input. This way, we make sure you always acquire the most relevant and up-to-date knowledge and skills.
Elke school, elke klas en elke leerling anders is, daar zijn we ons van bewust. Daarom bieden we geen standaard tooling cursussen aan, maar tooling op maat. We helpen je om de juiste technologie te kiezen en te gebruiken voor jouw doel, of het nu gaat om het verrijken, differentiëren of personaliseren van je lessen.
We leren je hoe je Microsoft-technologieën optimaal kunt inzetten in je klas, zoals MS Teams, OneNote, PowerPoint en andere applicaties. Maar we doen dit altijd binnen het kader van creatieve lesmethoden, die aansluiten bij de 21e eeuwse vaardigheden en competenties.
Onze tooling op maat is geen eenrichtingsverkeer, maar een dialoog. Daarom luisteren we naar jouw wensen, vragen en feedback, en passen onze cursussen aan op basis van jouw input. Zo zorgen we ervoor dat je altijd de meest relevante en actuele kennis en vaardigheden opdoet.

More than a training centre, Edu-Versity is a partner in education committed to developing learning environments that prepare students for the future.