Certification, exams and attestations

Prove your skills and knowledge

At Edu-Versity, we understand the importance of certification after your educational journey. That is why we offer two paths to test your skills and recognise your skills.


After completing a course, you can demonstrate your knowledge by completing our internal exams and earning badges. These are specifically designed to reflect your learning trajectory and expertise.


If you like to go a step further, we offer the opportunity to earn an official Microsoft certification. This can be done after a course (additional cost) or separately. Microsoft exams are available flexibly: online, in groups or at your own school. These exams are open to everyone, including students.

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For and by the teacher

Each EDU-Versity training course is accompanied by an online questionnaire/exam prepared by the teacher himself. This ensures that the questioned knowledge corresponds to the subject matter seen and that the emphasis in the lesson is correct.

You can take this exam after attending the course to test your understanding of the course as well as earn a nice badge that you can post on your social media and use as proof of knowledge.

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Take your own abilities to the next level.


Prove your skills

A Microsoft Certification is an excellent opportunity for both staff and students to prove their skills in Microsoft applications.

You can choose different formulas here. With or without training for the exam, online or in group or at your school. If you wish, we will even come to your school with equipment that is ready to take the exam. So no worries about installing the right software. Do not hesitate to contact us to find the best solution for you.

Every successful exam results in an official Microsoft certificate and badge.

MOS - Microsoft Office Specialist

The Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) certification is a professional qualification that shows you are proficient in the use of Microsoft Office programmes such as Word, Excel, Powerpoint,… Basic skills are tested, as well as some hidden gems.

You get 50 minutes per exam. You can also take these exams in Dutch.

Badge Microsoft Certified Educator

MCE - Microsoft Certified Educator

Want to prove your understanding of 21st century skills? Then the Microsoft Certified Educator is for you. The focus here is less on the Microsoft tools, but rather on how to transform lessons into rich, customised learning experiences.

Focus points here are knowledge construction, facilitating collaboration, skillful communication, self-regulation, real-world problem solving and innovation, and using ICT effectively.

You will get 60 minutes for this exam. This exam can only be taken in English.

MS Fundamentals

The Microsoft Fundamentals exams are designed to provide a foundation of technological knowledge needed in today’s digital world. These exams are ideal for both technical professionals and students looking to solidify their up-to-date knowledge of Microsoft technologies.
These exams are often role-based or specialised. These exams cover Azure, AI, M365, Security, etc.

You get 45 minutes for the exam itself. These exams can often be taken in Dutch as well.

Persoon met raket op de rug - Personne avec une fusée sur le dos - Person with rocket on back

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